John and Matti at the lighthouse in Newport, Oregon.



Fourth of July with the family.


Family Photo at Yaquina Head, Newport, Oregon.


John and Charlie Mattison eating each other’s nose!


Family Photo at Yaquina Head


Matti, John, and Charlie on vacation!


When Charlie Mattison learned how to make a pouty face!


Charlie loving on her daddy!


John and Charlie when she was a teeny tiny little baby!

Screenshot 2014-07-31 at 1.14.15 PM

John and Matti’s little girl, Charlie Mattison’s 6 Month Photoshoot!

5 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Thea Cox

    Dearest John Charles,

    As one of your Mom’s old friends from Reston, I was privileged to watch you grow and thrive. I always loved your indomitable spirit and remember well the last time I saw you as you readied to go to the Gulf. Your optimism then, and now, will see you through. I love your Mom, and I love you. Your lady and baby will give you strength. I send all the good energy I can muster from my quarter here in Virginia.

    Much love,


  2. Thor Harster

    John buddy,, you, ll get thru this, the whole gang here at Viking is pulling for you
    were working on a hat that will seal at the bottom of your neck !
    keep working hard at your recovery,, when you get better I have a computer and office with your name on it !!!
    diving may be difficult for awhile but you can damn sure do some estimating !,
    All our Best, and keep your chin up,, you got this
    Thor and the Viking Crew

  3. Andrew Davis


    Thinking about you man. I know its been years since we last saw each other but I do think of you often and keep that strong mind. Whether you know it or not you helped me become the person I am today. You always struck me as a determined guy and don’t lose that. Plus your in Oregon. Probably no place more beautiful in this country and the love there is strong.


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