December 11, 2016

Sitting Up!

John has begun getting into a chair for brief periods of time. He has also started the long process of ordering a permanent motorized chair. There are many decisions to be made and a great deal of paper work. The wounds have not completely healed, but transitions to the chair have not seemed to cause anything to get worse. With the assistance of some friends and his new loner chair, John has been able to move into his new Bachelors’ Pad with Corey. The house is located just a couple of miles from his mom so that trips back and forth will be possible. John is working on getting a second bed so that he can be at his mom’s for Charlie visits, where she has oh so many toys and her Mini Mouse bed. The Boy’s house still needs a little work, but with John there to supervise, things should get finished up. His computer system is partially hooked up so he is able to get emails.

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