February 20, 2016

The wound healing is continuing to progress slowly. If things continue to progress, we are hoping to start sit up trials in the Spring. John’s grandma, Dee Kirkpatrick did past away on February 1st. Here is what John wrote to be read at her service:

“Hello everyone, I’m sorry I can’t be there and that I haven’t been there lately. I miss everybody tremendously. My grandparents have always had a great influence on my life. Grandma teaching me happiness, playfulness, art, integrity, and how it is possible  to wear an orange hunting jacket for any occasion. Grandpa taught me that anything can be accomplished with some work and a lot of ingenuity. He was a model husband, father, and man. Together they represent love; not only for how long they loved each other, but how much they loved each other all the way to the end. I am forever grateful to be a member of this family!”

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