Saturday, January 30 2016

It turns out that the trip to Portland, to see John’s wound doctor, caused stress to his wounds. For a couple of weeks it seemed as if they were getting worse. The wound nurses were considering labeling them chronic wounds. This is very bad because  insurance does not pay for Home Health Care nurses to treat chronic wounds. We started a few alternative internal supplements, full spectrum light treatments when dressings are being changed, and a naturopathic cream primarily made from an extract  derived from Chilean Garden Snails. You can cringe, but it seems to be working. We started the cream on one area, but are now putting it on all of John’s wounds, because there is a measurable improvement.  Having Charlie here for Christmas made it a wonderful time. We have two new home health workers spending time here with John, making everyone feel more cared for. John is upset that he will not be able to visit Grandma Kirkpatrick, who has just been put on Hospice care, but we are hoping to set up some “facetime” for them.

Stacy from VIBRA, please contact us at I’ve lost your contact information.


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