Sunday, September 20, 2015

John and Charlie really appreciated the Minions and goodies from Aunt Holly and the workout gear from Aunt Fran. Thank you! Packages always brighten the day.  John purchased a new muscle simulator and has begun to use it with the physical therapist. We are hoping that it will help prevent contractures or muscle shortening from taking place in his arms.  The wounds continue to heal slowly. We are eager for a future day when sit up trials can begin again. Laying flat is no fun. Football season and Corey visits have helped break up the boring daily routines. Corey is in the application process to become one of John’s care givers. He has relocated to Newport and lives with his dog Ellie in a house just a couple of miles from the B&B. Bob and Myrna were able to spend a few days with us and help with the B&B business. Visitors are always welcome.

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