Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sorry that it has been so long since the last post. Life has been busy here. The task of finding dependable home health care helpers has proven harder than we originally thought. After some successes and failures we have one very good LPN working with us five days a week and a night time person starting on September 3rd. The Samaritan home health nurses now come Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to change wound dressing. The healing in progressing very slowly, but it is progressing. A physical Therapist has met with John andĀ  also given us exercises to do at home. We have hired a massage therapist to work with John once a week to help keep his shoulders from getting sore. Corey is planning to move to Newport to spend some time with John. We are trying to work out everyone’s living arrangements. John is stillĀ  confined to lying flat on his back and continues to receive most of his nourishment via peg tube, but he has started to eat more by mouth. April and Joe purchased an “NFL Ticket” for John, so he is excited about the upcoming football season. John’s computer is all set up, so John can receive emails and surf the web.

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