Tuesday, August 11, 2015

John’s Aunt Terri has been helping with the B&B while I take care of John and set up In-Home- Helper interviews. Terri has decided that she definitely prefers nursing over Innkeeping. We just set up help for weekday mornings and afternoons until 6pm. We are trying to find weekend and late night help. John needs to be turned every two hours or so to keep pressure off of the wounds. It would be nice to have someone help with this. The wounds do seem to be healing at a slightly faster rate since we have been home. I have just started to use some herbal poultices on the days that I do wound care. The home health care nurses do wound care twice a week. John’s cousins, Marcy & Kristy, along with Seagal, Jude, and Benicio haveĀ  been visiting for a couple of days so there is plenty of excitement.

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